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Youth for Peace in Wisconsin
Global Day of Peace- The world STILL says NO to war!


Military Interferance in Schools
Global Day of Peace- March 20
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Peace Event in Stevens Point

Now that we have seen the day of the one year anniversary of the Iraq War, we know that there are others who feel as we do. Those of us who attended the Stevens Point rally, you now have some organization that you feel would compliment your ideas, stregnths, ability, and your concerns, that is, if you attended the Peace Fair. The Peace Fair may be why you are now looking at this site, because you saw the stand for YPW, and were intrigued, because the truth is, there aren't many organizations that work with kids on a local, or state-wide level. There are organizations like Big Brothers and Big Sisters, and there are a lot of national and international organizations for kids, but that doesn't help the people who want to have a real connection with the other members of the organizations, so we can share ideas, and thoughts, and concerns. There were 14 people who signed up for more information about YPW and our Fair Trade project. If you are not one of those 14 people, please contact me at Thank you!