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What do M&M/Mars' and Hershey's companies do that is so bad?

Companies like M&M/Mars make huge profits from selling chocolate products that have become favorites among children around America. However, chocolate is no treat for the hundreds of thousands of child cocoa laborers who work on their poor families' farms or even as slaves on cocoafarms far from home. The US chocolate industry has agreed to work to end child slavery by 2005, but their plan involves "voluntary standards" and does not guarantee fair and stable cocoa prices, which is the only way to end child slavery and exploitation for good.
THERE IS A SOLUTION: FAIR TRADE!!! Fair Trade guarantees a minimum price per pound (a living wage), prohibits abusive child labor and forced labor, requires independent monitoring, and promotes environmental sustainability. Unfortunately, none of America's biggest chocolate companies yet offer Fair Trade. This includes Mars, the leading chocolate company in teh world and the 4th largest private companyin the USA. Mars; three owners are worth a combined $31.2 billion. Surely, they can afford to offer the Fair Trade alternative!
Join thousands of concerned people like you to demand Fair Trade- a REAL solution- from M&M/Mars today!

Here is what you can do as an individual to support Fair Trade:
WRITE a letter to M&M/Mars.
Paul Michaels, President, M&M/Mars Inc.
6885 Elm St.
McLean, VA
CALL M&M/Mars at 1-800-627-7852
EMAIL M&M/Mars at consumer.affairs@mmr and